Centroid 24 is a real-time, market risk analysis software that enables market makers to improve their captures revenue level details & risk and provides effective presentation with in-depth reporting and information transparency to market makers.
It provides a dynamic market risk and performance analysis framework which has a user friendly interface and can be customized as required. Centroid 24 is an intelligent tool developed using rich business knowledge which provides in-depth insight and analysis across all levels of the portfolio.

Centroid 24 is not a trading platform but complements the various trading software. It sources real-time portfolio data to verify, aggregate, compute it and then normalize the data. This computing feature is not present in the various trading software available in the market.

Besides presenting risk officers with the portfolio data, the tool also provides different views depending on the various risk scenarios. It allows you to access real time position level details such as Revenue and cost breakdown, performance evaluation, and market risk exposure. It gives you a platform to view, compare, act and report market risk exposure and analysis across diverse portfolios.

Besides providing standard risk measures, Centroid 24 also helps you to isolate all critical risk factors/drivers. It is an easy to use, intuitive tool and offers a transparent interface which appeals to novices, senior dealers and sophisticated risk officers.
Centroid 24 is designed according to the industry standards and recognized for being robust, reliable, and easy to implement.


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Customizable Risk Framework

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