Centroid 24

Centroid 24 is a leading-edge risk management technology solution for FX brokers. Centroid 24 serves as a fundamental complement to MetaTrader, the market leading FX trading  platform.

Our holistic solution enables brokers to:

  • Monitor & analyze risk exposures in real-time (portfolio, asset class, instrument, client, and trade data using a rich set of risk metrics)
  • Monitor & analyze P/L in real-time (allocation between A, B, and C Books)
  • Simulate total company performance in the event of ‘What-If’ stress-cases on price movements of different instruments
  • Simulate total company performance, including B book, based on a choice of filters applied to past trading data
  • Flag unusual trading activities

MT4/MT5 Bridge

Our bridge is designed to handle thousands of trades per second. Our low latency plug-in connects the Meta Trader platform with Centroid 24, our risk management solution, and any of the main liquidity aggregators (or any single liquidity provider).

Simulation Engine

Our proprietary engine is designed to simulate revenue scenarios driven by the broker’s choice of different factors applied to filter trades for running a B Book. The outcome of the scenarios will be highly dependent on the broker’s tolerance for risk.

In addition to accounting for rebates, the simulation may also assume different notional volume levels in order to examine how both the notional volumes & factor filtering impact revenues.

Finally, through the Revenue Per Million (RPM) calculation, we capture a mix of market conditions and the type of flow the broker faced throughout the last 3 years. We simulate different RPM levels over different time frames in order to project best-case and worst-case revenues scenarios. The simulation enables the broker to strengthen its cash planning abilities.


Business reporting includes:

  • Clients reports
    • Single client report
    • All clients report
    • Client profitability report
    • Client entry accuracy report
  • Performance reports
    • Revenue report
    • Instrument profitability report
    • Company trading statistics report
    • Risk report
  • Trading reports
    • Execution report
    • Large slippage report
    • Closed trades report

All reports are produced through excel. The reports can be auto-generated and sent to a distribution list on a daily and/or monthly basis.

Regulatory Reporting:

Fully automated EMIR & MIFID reporting directly to our repository partners