Centroid Solutions

A broker participating today in global markets faces multiple challenges. Amid changes in the market environment, fast-paced technology developments, and a demanding regulatory framework, it is not easy for FX brokers to achieve high performance. The pursuit for better results, access to deeper liquidity, and efficient counterparty execution is never ending. We propose to tackle these challenges with an intelligent technology built by Centroid Solutions. We deliver innovative risk management services. We are committed to investing our capital markets and technology expertise for our clients to receive the latest solutions designed to enable them optimize performance.

Our professionals take the time to get to know your business, your people, and your long-term vision. We help you parameterize our solutions to obtain a better understanding and optimize your results based on your risk tolerance. Our focused approach enables us to identify and provide the right mix of services that enable you to home in on growing your business.

Centroid Solutions combines real time analytics, sophisticated risk management, and state of the art technology with extensive deep industry knowledge and experience to improve risk-adjusted performance and strengthen sustainability for brokers.

Manage Exposure and Mitigate Risk

We provide you the tools you need to stay within your risk tolerance limits during fluctuating market conditions. Our solution’s real-time analytical and historical simulation capabilities offer a comprehensive view of different overall portfolio flow combinations in different market environments.

Enhance Performance

Our customizable MT4/MT5 bridge will allow you to improve your profitability by STPing toxic flow in an intelligent way through advanced filters including portfolio, asset class, instrument, client, and trade-related metrics.

Monitor Execution and Reduce Costs

Our solution offers real-time execution reporting and slippage monitoring to help  improve your execution and be aware of unjustified slippage originating from liquidity providers.

Regulatory Governance and Business Transparency

We pay close attention to reporting. Our solution offers  detailed reports on performance statistics and profitability of  clients, revenue, risk, execution, slippage, and regulatory reporting (EMIR & MIFID).


We believe in the old cliche that  people make the difference. That is why we have assembled a team of highly talented and passionate professionals with backgrounds in technology, risk management, quant, finance, and brokerage. Centroid Solutions’s clients enjoy the benefits of interacting with a group of professionals who work to understand their business and strive to take ownership and accountability for every aspect of the relationship.