How We Do It


We consider technology to be the most powerful tool to pursue improvements in risk management and execution.

Human nature (greed & fear) is persistent enough among market participants including senior traders and risk managers that we believe in systemizing as much as possible the warehousing activity. To that end, we rely on computing power to process continuous data on a real-time basis. Furthermore, we developed a proprietary simulation engine that enables us to back-test models prior to implementation.


We continually review the current and potential future requirements of our broker clients to ensure they are able to work with the best technology in the field. We design different modules that aim to capture potential risk factors. Our research is focused on tracking how these factors blend together within the trading book and continuously to re-adjust our approach accordingly.

We spend our time assessing new factors, new modules, and new technologies. Our research objective is to find incremental improvements that contribute to the overall risk-adjusted performance of broker clients.

Our Focus


Risk Management

Our risk management objective is to strengthen the risk measurement abilities and risk management capabilities of our broker clients.

Our skill come from our extensive risk management experience and related activities. Building on that, we seek to optimize our technology for better data capture and to capture better asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities for our broker clients. Once we identify, quantify, and parameterize the risks, we are able to deliver more stability to warehousing activities across different construction criteria.