We provide the right set of services that allow you to optimize and grow your business
Centroid Solutions

We are a technology provider that combines real-time analytics, sophisticated risk-management, and advanced connectivity with extensive industry-knowledge to improve risk-adjusted performance and strengthen sustainability for brokers. We know how exhausting it is to juggle between managing your business, access deeper liquidity, and hedge probable risks. Therefore, we invested our capital and technology expertise to build an all-in-one suite that enables brokers to optimize their business performance. Forex brokers can now monitor their business activity, manage and mitigate risks, optimize their execution, and benefit from regulatory and business governance - all from one framework!

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • Sophiticated Risk-Management
  • Regulatory & Business Reports

We engineered a product that has all the components to rank first among all its rivals.

Ziad AbouJeb, Founder of Centroid

How We Help you?

We will take the time to get to know your business and your long-term vision, help you parameterize our solutions, and optimize your results based on your risk tolerance.

You will be able to:

Stay within your risk tolerance limits during fluctuating market conditions.

Improve your profitability by STPing toxic flow in an intelligent way.

Optimize your execution and identify unjustified slippage.

Generate detailed reports on performance statistics and regulatory reporting (EMIR & MiFIR).