Research-Based Technology to Empower Brokers

We combined industry-knowledge with innovative quant talent to equip you with needed technologies to navigate through the challenging and ever-evolving financial markets


The Background Information You Need To Make Up Your Mind

What differentiates us from our competitors is that our technology is inspired by the brokers themselves. We managed to identify the difficulties and costly challenges that the modern broker faces and decided to build a suite that solves these problems.

We’re Attentive to Brokers’ Needs
Brokers have several hoops to jump through in this day-and-age, which is why we developed a full-scale technology to meet all their needs in leading a successful business.
We’re High-End, Yet Intuitive
Our team of quant engineers and developers has built a complex, low-latency, and light-weight technology, while keeping the user-experience in mind. Our interface includes fully-featured modules and is user-friendly.
We’re Vigilant of Probable Risks
We devised different products that will equip you against risks. From risk-quantification and reporting, to hybrid-model back-testing, all the way to implementation and execution – we have it all covered!
We’re Centralized, Seamless, & Scalable
Our intelligent technology combines all the services every broker needs, and has been fully-automated to perform trading activity and risk-management hassle-free.
In Brief, We’re All About