Moving Towards a Real-time Dynamic Hybrid Model

Access liquidity providers, customize your STP & execution rules, and keep your brokerage activity in-sync


Intelligent data driven Hybrid model

The Centroid Gateways utilizes FIX APIs to liaise between brokers and financial entities in a seamless and scalable manner. Given its vast reach, our Centroid Gateways simplifies your Straight Through Processing (STP) activity as you will be linked to multiple liquidity aggregators (or just one).



Fully-automated & swift performance

Sophisticated risk-management features

Real-time data-driven quantitative models

Current Market Trends

As buy-side participants are becoming more and more sophisticated with the growing access to the necessary technologies, tools, and knowledge that allow them to develop and implement trading strategies that are well-suited for their purpose, sell-side organizations must build real-time dynamic risk management infrastructure that allows them to navigate safely in the fast-paced financial markets.

The current trend towards the use of advanced connectivity and execution tools, such as liquidity aggregation hubs and routing bridges are extremely important yet static technologies that were designed to enable brokers to achieve best execution and route flow to different books, based on client’s analytics performed on different infrastructure and independently from other participants and the portfolio as whole which will in most cases come with a time lag and involve substantial manual work.

The Search for Advanced Technologies

Sell-side organizations are on continuous search for technologies that will enable them to improve efficiency, reduce execution cost, and enhance risk-management activities, thus increase profitability. Automation was initially implemented for pricing and execution to reduce trading costs and strengthen connectivity, and now it’s beginning to spread to other complementing areas within the overall spectrum of risk-management.

The trend towards more or even full-automation seen in the financial markets lately is a consequence of the fast-growing need to have real-time, fully-integrated infrastructure and systems. Once the necessary infrastructure is in place, organizations can capture more data, analyze it using advanced algorithms, and design sophisticated risk-management models that foster a fully integrated real-time automated risk management process.

New Found Focus on Analytics

The focus on analytics and real-time data driven quantitative, risk-management models allowed us to deliver a simple yet very sophisticated technology that enables risk professionals validate, test, and implement different algorithms to mitigate various risk factors and improve profitability. Our bridge works as the centre of gravity of the hybrid structure made up from the Meta Trader Platforms (MT4/MT5), the liquidity pool, and the Centroid 24 risk management software. It’s a low-latency, data driven, connectivity technology that can process thousands of trades per second.


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Empowering your Hybrid Model

Our solution has equipped you with a complete kit to navigate the Forex Business streams.

Multiple Customizable STP Modules
Base your settings on quantitative risk factors; any combination of portfolio, instrument, trade and/or type of client, available on Centroid 24.
Ability to Fully/Partially Perform STP Activity
Choose between several options, including the full size, a percentage, an excess over a pre-set maximum size, and more.
Customizable Order Processing Rules
Configure complex execution rules in real-time according to the trader’s account level, symbols, order types, and other parameters.
Constant & Complex Synchronization
Benefit from a consistency between the Meta Trader platforms and our C-Reporting Suite.
Limitless Real-time Interactions

We’ve figured out everything on your checklist to keep your platform’s transactional activities swift, smooth, and satisfying

Ability to process a great number of trades per second

Optimized trading platform connectivity

Flexibility to execute rules according to your goals

Access to leading multi-asset liquidity providers

Possibility of configuring pricing spreads based on your specifications